A watercolor of some homes in the Franciscan Co-op community in Daly City.

Want to know when power will be back on in the park?

PG&E has an outage map HERE. Since our homes aren’t individually metered by the utility, use 700 Hoffman Street as the address you search for.

Some of your neighbors are part of the Community Emergency Response Team, learn about joining and what to do in emergency by going HERE.

Concerned about costly repairs the city inspectors are making you fix?

All homeowners in the Franciscan received letters and inspections by Daly City. The rules ostensibly are there for safety: focusing on stairs, fire safety, storage structures, and electrical panels on the OUTSIDE of the units.

While some repairs were simple, others were costly and out of reach of the average homeowner. Some residents claimed that repairs mandated by the city inspectors ignored the fact that the construction was “grandfathered in”, meaning they were made before current state rules were enacted. Other residents claimed that inspectors found new issues each time they visited, which was seen as unfair. Also, several of the issues for the homeowner to complete were actually the responsibility of the park management. FRAC’s lawyer contacted the City with these claims, to make it more fair for all residents.

The city’s team responded to FRAC on August 18th. We wanted to share this letter with everyone what we now know about repairs prior to 1998 (grandfathered), how to find records from the city, and how to make hardship requests.

One resident was told to remove her entire deck. She was able to have the city research its own records to find out that it was already permitted by a previous owner decades ago. That’s a huge win over what could have been a VERY costly repair. She kept a copy of the permit for future use, too 🙂

We see the city’s response as a success. It’s proof that when citizens unite (as a co-op for example) we can make big strides against a system that isn’t working or isn’t fair.

You can see the full letter from the city by clicking HERE.

Incredible news and amazing progress!!

On July 25th, 2022 the entire Daly City council plus their city attorney, held a public meeting on Zoom. Everyone was welcome to comment and ask questions.

Per the city’s standard practices, the agenda was announced a few days before to the public. We are grateful for everyone who could watch the meeting live or chose to take part in the discussion.

Definite proof that our co-op is the best solution!!!

To see the link that proves our Daly City government agrees with your fellow residents in FRAC, and wants this park to transfer to the Co-op, PRESS THIS LINK and skip to 52:11 when agenda item 15 is discussed and overwhelmingly approved.

We know you love this park. Let’s keep fighting to own it.

The Franciscan Resident Advisory Committee has been and is STILL working hard to help all residents by signing up homeowners to be Co-op Members.


• Because we want to prevent high rent increases that will come if the park isn’t reassessed as a non-profit.

• Because we want Park Management controlled by residents instead of wealthy developers or predatory mobile home corporations.

• Because we want to stay in our homes and save our senior and low income neighbors.

• Because we know it works: thousands of co-ops have been created to protect mobile home communities all across this nation.

• Because we want to be Owners, not Renters.

Now, take a breath.

Imagine this park as a vibrant community again. A park with management that cares and listens to you. A park with reliable electricity, water, and safe streets. A park with affordable rent and lush, green trees. A place you are proud to call home.

If you haven’t joined yet now is the time. We are getting closer to closing everyday! And property values will only continue to rise. This TRULY is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

There’s a reason the overwhelming majority of park homeowners signed up for the power of a co-op.

Now is the time to become a co-op member and live in a mobile home park that is resident-owned and operated. Signing up for membership will lock in your membership fee at the low price of $2,500. The cost-saving promissory note option is still available.

Please JOIN US today, because once FRAC receives final loan terms from our lender, Co-op membership costs could increase and the promissory note option could disappear.