Be an “Owner” not a “Renter”

Signing up for the co-op using the promissory note option for as little as $1 per month allows you to join the co-op. This will ensure that the Franciscan becomes a true resident-owned and operated mobile home park — by and for the residents. A resident-owned park should be filled with members who are owners. Why continue to be a “tenant” when you can become an “owner” by completing the membership agreement and signing up for the promissory note option for as low as $1 per month.

Your membership in the co-op will allow your voice to be heard about those areas you care about most. Join the property maintenance committee. Or the membership committee. Help plan upcoming events by joining the social committee.

As a member, you will be able to vote for open seats on the board of directors — or even run to fill one of the three vacancies. Members will be eligible to be board members; tenants will not be eligible.

Don’t get left behind. Sign up for co-op membership today!