CERT at the Franciscan Park

When a major emergency occurs, like an earthquake or large fire, the Fire Department or ambulances will be spread thin. People naturally want to help out when they see a victim in trouble, but that desire often creates TWO victims if the rescuer is untrained. So the Community Emergency Response Team was created decades ago to offer training and resources to the common neighbor.

We are lucky here at the park to already have a well trained and well supplied CERT team. However, we always need new volunteers of all ages, speaking a variety of languages… there’s roles for everyone! When a disaster happens, we advise you to take care of yourself and your property FIRST before joining us to help your neighbors.

Through CERT, you’ll learn how to safely turn off electricity and gas lines to your home, how to choose and use fire extinguishers, using HAM radios, and basic search and rescue skills. We recently helped neighbors affected by the torrential rains and move downed trees from the road. Training comes from the local fire department and the national CERT curriculums.

We hold pancake breakfasts and barbecues to raise funds and raise awareness.

Meetings are the first Tuesday of every month in the cardroom unless there’s a holiday. Everyone is welcome to join. Please contact John Conklin at 650-922-9606 for more information.

Please, join our CERT, get trained properly and help us help others before the next big emergency happens.