Don’t be on the wrong side of history

The history books are full of people who let others trick them into believing propaganda was true, and then doing horrible crimes.

The puppet-masters this time, are greedy developers who want control over our park.

They’re using a few loud people to do their bidding by spreading lies to divide us!

Sound familiar?

But typically, developers of mobile home parks just own a park for a short while. They make a few showy improvements like adding flowers and some paint, so they can justify DOUBLING the rent. Then they sell it to ANOTHER developer who increases THAT rent.

An even more profitable game is to evict the homeowners, tear out their homes, and turn the land into condominiums and town-homes.

Think that could happen in the super-expensive Bay Area?

Those who think the developers are on their side, or will get a new home out of their support, would only enjoy their Devil’s Bargain for a short while before the greedy developers TRIPLE their rents or evict them with the rest of us.

Instead, join the right side of history. Join your neighbors in your Co-op.

Come to our socially-distanced workshop May 8th from 1-3pm. Location to be announced soon.

Join the co-op today.