May 6th Letter

May 6, 2020

Dear Homeowner:

It is not too late to sign up for membership in the Co-op at the current membership fee of $2,500. The promissory note option can allow you to join and pay a monthly amount that fits your budget, as low as $1 per month if you choose.

By signing up for membership in the Co-op, you will be an “owner” of the Park , along with the other members. You will be helping to keep costs as low as possible, so that the Park remains affordable for generations to come. The mission is to secure housing for all at the lowest cost possible.

Please download and print the Membership Agreement with the Promissory Note and the Petition here.
You can drop off your completed paperwork with the promissory note into the green Co-op Box in front of 144 Haven Drive. If you are sending a check, please send the forms directly to McGovern Escrow Services, 22 Battery Street, Suite 914, San Francisco, California 94111.: When you sign up, please also provide your current email address and telephone number.

Should you have any questions about completing the paperwork, please contact Cyn Thompson at 415-235-0350 or Pedro Gonzalez at (415) 425-8132, or send us an email at

Sincerely ,

Pedro Gonzalez, President

Robert Quinn, Secretary

Mamie Zhu, Treasurer

Cyn Thompson, Director