Our Park Is Not For Sale

The Franciscan mobile home park is not for sale, see notices from LINC housing addressing this issue. Furthermore, LINC can not sell the park because according to the Settlement Agreement the park MUST be transferred to its residents. Right now, residents are in the middle of transferring the ownership to the residents in order to comply with the Settlement Agreement. And by all accounts, the residents are working very diligently to complete this process. It has been almost 20 years since this process started, but due to the tenacity of many residents, this process is coming to its end. At this point, it is a matter of months and the transfer of the ownership to the Franciscan residents will be completed.

Daly City, the agency that issued the multi-million dollar bond debt to purchase 2 of the 3 parcels that made the park, must also approve the sale of the park. Furthermore, the Podesta family which owns the 3rd parcel has repetitively confirmed that their land is not for sale.

Residents should understand that the Franciscan Mobile Home Park can not be sold to a third party because it must be transferred to its residents. Read very carefully the Settlement Agreement, it will give you all the information that you need to understand that it is not legal nor possible for Alliance to purchase the park.

The link to the settlement agreement on : https://www.thefranciscan.info/settlement/