With all that is happening with this park, the national election, and now the virus, I’m still grateful.

Here’s why:

I’m grateful because we live in a park that celebrates many races and religions. We live together and wave to each other in the streets.

I’m grateful because we value our seniors and low-income neighbors.  We offer food delivery and check in to make sure they are okay.

I’m grateful because we have CERT, the volunteer group of neighbors, ready to help us in the event of a big disaster.

I’m grateful because crime is almost unheard of in this park.

I’m grateful to learn that over 200 parks in California have already transferred to co-op ownership. This is a safe, proven method of protecting homes from developers.

I’m grateful that a majority of park homeowners are choosing to go with the co-op. More join every day.

I’m grateful that the National Cooperative Bank is starting the due diligence of phase of their loan. That’s a huge milestone we passed!

I’m grateful that the one-time fee we pay to join the co-op can be spread out over years.

I’m grateful that the co-op will give voices to every homeowner about the maintenance and safety of our park.

I’m grateful that if people don’t join the co-op, they are still welcome here as renters.

The choice is yours but the opportunity to act is now. There will never be another opportunity like this.

Join the co-op today. Your voice matters. We all depend on it.

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